Transfer Email From Gmail To Entourage 2008

This guide takes you through transferring your email from Gmail to Entourage 2008 step by step.





We know how challenging it can be to find the right information on the internet, and most often you end up with little bits and pieces of information that may or may not be relevant for what you are trying to do.

That is why we decided to write a guide specifically for transferring email from Gmail to Entourage 2008. To make it easier to follow we have added lots of screen shots.

Click on the book cover to see a sample page.

We have spent a lot of time working out exactly how to do this so that you can get through the process as quickly as possible. You start on page one, follow the steps as outlined in the guide and by the end of it your email has been transferred.


From Gmail


To Entourage 2008





You will need the following:

  • A good internet connection or patience if you have a lot of emails!

  • The new email client needs to be installed

How long does it take?

This largely depends on three factors:

  • The number of emails

  • The size of your attachments

  • Your internet connection speed

You should expect about 1 - 2 hours work in addition to the transfer time for your email.

A note on tranferring contacts

Transferring contacts can be a challenge.

Names and email addresses are pretty straight forward.

The work involved in transferring other fields from one type of address book to another varies a lot. Examples of other field types are home and business addresses, telephone numbers and the like. Most email clients provide some sort of mapping tool to map fields from an import file to the natively used format.

As a rule of thumb: the more exotic fields you have used the more work will be involved in mapping to your new address book.



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