Looking for the easy way to transfer your email?

Spent hours trying to do it yourself without success? cover_From_Outlook_Express_To_Thunderbird_3

Wasted time searching the internet for “free” advice that doesn’t work?

Or for answers that only a technical genius could follow?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one (if that makes you feel any better)!

It’s not your fault, it’s just not as easy as you might expect. You only need to read some of the comments that follow the forum postings to see that hundreds of other people have the same problems.

The thing is, transferring from one email client to another, or one operating system to another, brings up all sorts of compatibility issues and many of the solutions given only work for certain situations or certain operating systems – but you won’t know until you try it if it works for your situation so it can be a huge waste of time.

But listen up, because we’ve found a way to...


Transfer Your Email without expensive File Conversion software
and using a method that works on any operating system.

So what’s so special about this way?

Firstly, and most importantly, IT WORKS, no matter what operating system you are using.

Secondly this solution uses free software (and a few clever tricks) to transfer your email safely across from one email client to another.

Thirdly, all the hard work has been done for you. There is a guide for each specific combination of email clients. Simply follow the guide step by step and you’ll be taken through the process of transferring your email from one email client to the next.

And finally, it’s just $10!

How much is your time worth? Do you want to spend another 3 hours or more searching for other solutions that may or may not work to save yourself $10?

So if you want a solution that just works get your copy now.



Sylvia Nelson-Campbell (non-technical background, 56 yrs old, female, homemaker, USA):

"Fantastic! Buy it! You'll never figure it out on your own and it's so affordable for any and everyone! I am so thankful for your service. I am especially thrilled that even an older person with a low income could afford and successfully complete this process with your service.

The pictures of each move really help, as I am a visual learner. Also, the steps were broken down beautifully."


So what will this guide show you?


How to transfer your emails.


The secret to avoiding all compatibility issues. Move your email from a windows to an apple computer without problems!


How to transfer emails from all of your folders, including personalized folders, sent mail etc. not just your inbox.


How to transfer your contacts and signatures to your new computer too.

How can you pass on all of that?


"Anders, I must say that your instructions were perfect and my transfer went very well. I found the screen shots of which boxes to check very helpful and made the process go smoothly on the first attempt. It did take a longer time because I had so many emails in the old computer, but it was worth the effort. I transferred 4300 sent emails and I set it to copy before I went to bed and it was done in the morning. I am happy to do a testimonial for you and your company if you want. Also, thank you for getting back to me about the problem with the download so quickly. I think I may look into your Easy Email solution as well. Thank you."

Why $10?

We’ve had people ask why we’re selling the guides this cheap when it solves such a huge problem for people?

Well we’re charging just $10 for these guides for 3 reasons:

  • Everybody can afford $10. And we want it to be so obvious that you’ll save more than $10 of time by buying this guide. If we priced the guide at $29 or even $19 you’d have to think about it, where $10 is the price of just a few cups of coffee. And surely we both agree that we deserve a cup of coffee for solving this problem for you.

  • At $10, even if you’re just moving your personal email and you can’t write it off on expenses it’s an easy decision, so we broaden the potential users from business users to all email users.

  • We know that literally hundreds of people a day come across problems transferring their email, and we know we can solve these problems. We’d rather have the word spread quickly and we know you’ll be more likely to tell your friends if you have a great value product to recommend.
    And at $10 this is GREAT value!

If you need to justify the expense, skip 3 coffees this week and it’s covered! You'd be drinking more than three coffees searching for other solutions anyway.


"My congratulations to you on a most excellent guide. It was so easy to follow and worked perfectly. I have now successfully moved my mail from my apple mac to my new work windows based laptop with no lost emails. The best $10 I have spent in a long while. I was thinking I would have to spend the money on a tech guy to move them for me. Oh by the way, I am an Australian working in China at the moment and trying to explain my problem to anyone was impossible anyway!!"



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